Wednesday, 4 June 2008

you are my sunshine

Obviously what you need to do in England to make the rain stop, the clouds blow away and blue sky to appear is to purchase gumboots. Magically the sky will clear, the temperature rise and men everywhere will take off their shirts (please stop doing that).
Nevertheless there are plenty of puddles; oozy muddy puddles for little gumboots to slosh around in and that's exactly what Jack did today but in St Albans park for a change.
As I may have mentioned before this park has LOTS of birds in it. Ducks, swans, geese and they are all very tame and will wander right up to you. Now for some reason Jack is a bit freaked out by birds. Fearless on slippery dips but not when his feathered friends are around. Some waddled right up for a chat and Jack got a little 'tired and emotional' so we moved on.There are also, of course, lots of dogs in the park and Jack has also got a thing about dogs getting too close. He was freaked out by a sausage dog (and by the sausage dog that had been crossed with a border collie we saw the other day...the mind boggles about that combo) and that nasty little thing that growled at him. A lady who I'm sure was trying to be helpful suggested it was my fault because I pick Jack up when a dog approaches but I tried to explain that I pick him up because he is already upset by the presence of the dog. Her dog was called upon (a very nice dog called Georgie) to stand quietly while Jack patted his back but he was still nervous. It seems Lucky Dog, the most enormous dog in the world, is the only dog for him. Getting back to the high street from the park was a trial, dogs to the right of us, ducks to the left, stuck in the middle again. And a note about the colour of the grass below - it has not been digitally enhanced it is that green.

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