Friday, 13 June 2008

more of the manor

I took some more photos today of the manor. I realised I hadn't taken nearly enough to show what it is like (not all bad food and mouldy bathrooms). We came out of the doors in the orangeries (or as we call it - the ping pong room) onto the side lawn which is near my favourite tree, a copper beech. Magnificent isn't it? I think either you get it or you don't. Amber was the first person to draw it to my attention and another resident, Wally, said he spent a lovely afternoon lying underneath it recently. I can imagine how lovely that would be as the roots are covered in moss and there are buttercups everywhere. Unfortunately though it's close to Jack's bridges so I don't spend a lot of time communing quietly with nature. Jack messed up the gravel and walked back and forth over the bridge a few thousand times. Our room (in the picture below) is the second set of windows to the right of the arched doorway. We have a nice view of the rabbits frolicking on the lawn except when they all disappear because a fox has turned up. The Manor has the same sort of clock tower as Hatfield House. They were built at the same time (early 1600s but I was still surprised to see how similar they were. I found the stairs going to the tower the other day but they were locked.

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