Saturday, 19 June 2010

watch this space longest absence yet. Did you miss me? do you really feel fonder about me?
We have been crazily busy. We sold our house (after buying a new one with farm) and started packing. Well S did I was in denial or as S suggested I was constipating. Um...pretty sure you mean procrastinating. Either way he was right though. In my classic way I was doing just about anything but packing. I normally bake frequently but I was on a baking frenzy. Was it really necessary to take brownies and a poached pear cake to work (actually with three birthdays it was, perhaps I should have made one more, but I digress). Maybe it was something about not having a designated day to move or a reluctance to leave my stove but I did drag my feet a little. Thankfully at the eleventh hour I started madly throwing items into boxes only stopping for a brief sojourn in sunny (no, really it was) Canberra. I have a million photos to share. The old house, the new house, Jack, Jack and Jack and of course the first thing I baked in my new oven, but first I need to find the cord for the camera. I'm sure I packed it here somewhere.