Tuesday, 10 November 2009

And another birthday

On Sunday another someone special had his birthday. And he got two bones and an extra special dinner. And extra pats from Jack.

Happy birthday lucky dog.

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

The gee -gees

Last Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, so of course I wore a hat to work. Actually I so enjoy wearing them that I took spares for co-workers to wear too. Amy wore this fab pink number that Jack rather likes to wear when he's dancing. This became obvious when as I handed it to Amy I noticed some peanut butter smears along the rim. She wore it nevertheless and looked smashing or as one library patron exclaimed, "Gorgeous!"When it came time for the race we gathered around the telly and I handed out my spares. Jen wore a tiara (nice), Helen wore the cowboy hat and Brian wore the Pirate hat. Then after three and a bit minutes the race finished and some of us took off our hats and we all went back to work.
I must say people may be a tad worried because that was my third day back at the library and out of those days I'd worn some sort of headgear on two. Well, you have to wear a hat on Melbourne Cup Day and as for Halloween, I went low key and wore cat ears and handed out chocolate eyeballs. Delicious.

Another Birthday

On Saturday there was another special birthday for a friend that is roughly the same age as the Caterpillar (give or take ten years). I met Louise when I was working a the bookshop and it was always such a relief to have her visit with her warped sense of humour and hilarious anecdotes. I really have no idea how we got any work done at all.
We got her invite and I arranged a babysitter (thanks Diane) and S and I togged up and went out. And it was great. I got a few photos after the speeches and before the cake and in between two renditions of happy birthday, one for Louise and the other for her Dad who is ninety. I also made her this as a present which she thought was hilarious.

I think she's taking it to melbourne next weekend to go shopping. As you do.

Pillar Party

Last Friday we travelled into Wagga to go to a very special birthday. The Very Hungry Caterpillar turned forty. There must be botox or something involved because he's aged very well. Wagga library had a special storytime in the gardens, where Michael, Nerida and Kim worked their usual magic (they are so good). At one stage Jack started to cry and I wondered what he was fussing about - tired? cranky? Turned out a fly flew up his nose and I only know that because he sneezed it out about four hours later - ugh.
After the stories there were glorious platters of fresh fruit (not the naughty foods that also feature in the book) and games but the play equipment (particularly the swing) beckoned.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is so clever in a really simple way. It's only after reading it about a gazillion times like I have that you begin to appreciate the colours, the counting, the nutritional education (and the benefits of a detox) and entomology. Obviously Jack agrees because when we came home I had to read it again and again and again. And then he told everyone about the 'Pillar Party' he'd been to.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Reunion Mosman High 1989 (yes, twenty years ago)

My reunion is looming - just over a week away and I have mixed feelings about going. It will be nice to catch up with some people but...
My curiosity is just too great to stay away.
I had a bit of a preview in October when I caught up with a schoolfriend Nick and his lovely wife Katherine in Sydney. They live in England so Nick (aka Sooty) won't be coming but I will be his eyes and ears. I forgot to take a photo of Nick for the blog (too busy talking) so I've got one from our year 12 formal.Nick is posing with Lindy Edwards. She is on the missing in action list. It's quite large list and some people that I'd really like to see (or see how they turned out) are on that list.
In the vain hope that in the next few days those people may google themselves and say,"Reunion! fantastic!" I'm putting their names on here with an email address to get in contact with the reunion organisers at mosmanhigh89@hotmail.com
Michaela Bennett, Karl brennan, Yvonne Chan, Jeffrey Dalton, Tim Duguid (aka Lantern?), Lindy Edwards, David Fletcher, Amanda Goode, Melissa Hall, Michelle Hampton, Tim Haughan, Cathrynne Henshall, Shelley Hill, Anthony Ho, Samantha Ingle, Rachel Kalcher, Lee Kerr, Elias Khedi, Raymond Mulcahy, Jason Murphy, Craig Miles, Sara Norris, Campbell Patterson, Ian Phillips, Mandeep Rana, Anthony Saunders, Michael Shitab, Lisa Sniderman, Mike Serio, Paul Sorensen, David Stein, Karyn Stockley, dave Thornett, Simona Thornett, Bernard Webber, Ben Wong, Hyun-Jung Yi and Julian Young.