Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

cousin time country style

We were concerned that Scarlett would be disappointed by the lack of a pig at our place. Apparently she was sure we had one living in our shed. We did briefly toy with the idea (and not just for her but also for the bacon) but the proposed porcine living quarters were too close to the house (And if you've smelt pig poo you would know that you would want some distance). We shouldn't have worried though because she seemed quite happy with the wildlife on offer. One enormous white dog,

three chickens (plus eggs)

and two ducks.


Besides waiting for an egg to appear, more chocolate cake and waiting for the potatoes to grow, last week Jack was waiting for his cousin Scarlett to arrive.We hadn't told him about the visit too soon because time is a relatively elastic concept for a three year old. As it was by the time last Saturday arrived Jack was positively bursting out of his skin and insisted on sitting by the window to wait.Who said a watched kettle never boils (or in his case a watched driveway)?

Monday, 4 October 2010


I didn't want to put any pressure on the hens, but where were the eggs?* I had taken to asking the head girl when this would happen (and no she could not come in the house to hang out with S).
On Friday morning we had a lovely surprise when we found this in a nesting box.

S seemed to think it was a tad on the small side but I reminded him that it was early days yet which I may have expressed along the lines of, "well you try and push something like that out your cloaca (not that he has one but you get the idea). I apologised to the BFH (big fat hen) and gave her some lovely grain.
*just to assure you that I will be blogging about the humans and not just poultry.