Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ballet star


At the beginning of this year Jack decided he didn't want to do ballet anymore. And then halfway through the year he changed his mind. Just in time for the preparations for the end of year ballet extravaganza. No matter what, it always seems stressful with long essays being sent home about costumes and makeup and rehearsals (though Jack's makeup section was left blank).

lots of pink fairies and Jack

Somehow Jack made it to every rehearsal and S took him to his matinee performance. That night Ganma, Nonno and I attended the evening performance. That was a long night although my dad, due to his hip was given special permission to arrive at half time. The "babies ballet" as they are dubbed were not on until near the end (to stop us all leaving early methinks) and there was Jack twirling tiredly right in the middle of the row. He was thrilled with his medal that he received at the end and is keen to do Ballet again next year.

Busy, busy, busy

I will breathe a sigh of relief when December is over. Firstly because it has been a very busy month with lots of parties, concerts and get-togethers and all the cooking that entails. It also hasn't been the best year (though I guess the second half was an improvement on the first).

We also went away twice in December before Christmas which S assured me would be relaxing but just made me mindful of my lists of things to do. Yes that's right lists plural. Such a sad, sad Capricorn. It did for the most part work except for not telling one person about the work secret Santa - whoops - and presents nearly not arriving (though that was due to our mailman having a heart attack). Anyway I thought I better do a recap of recent and not so recent events.