Tuesday, 28 August 2012


And so somehow Sam is 6 months old and it is time for solids, and I use that term very loosely. We got off to a bumpy start with farex but now we've moved onto yoghurt he's going great guns. Pear and yoghurt, sweet potato and yoghurt and well that is it so far. Stay tuned for more adventures with purees!

Happy Birthday S

S recently turned 40 (shhh..he doesn't want too many people to know) so we celebrated by going to milawa for lunch at brown brothers and stayed the night at lindenwarrah which is just across the road. Needless to say we ate well and came home with delicious bread and cheese.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chocolate is good for you

We do seem to have a bit of a problem with chocolate, though if you ask S and Jack the only problem they have is when it runs out. As we are on holidays we have indulged aided and abetted by ben & jerry, cold rock ice cream and the delightfully evil max brenner. We only found his willy wonka like chocolate cafe a day or so ago and somehow convinced S to go. We chose waffles with fruit (so healthy) and may try the chocolate pizza next time.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Jack spotted these at a local shopping centre and was keen to give them a whirl. Ummm...no.


There are quite a few things about the gold coast that I am not keen on. They do however do excellent playgrounds for kids (Tumut council take note). We thought the little one with the swings and rowboat was fab but there's a new one that is fantastic. Two flying foxes and slides and a twirly thingy and even a swing for babies. Jack loves it but Sam remains unconvinced.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Battle boats!

Jack's fav part of seaworld was the battle boats in castaway cove. They are boats with water cannons so you can shoot other boats or people "on land". However the landlubbers (mostly grown men) also have water cannons. These have a much better range than the shipboard ones as I found out. Not the day to wear white. Jack didn't want to leave. Apparently neither did the men whose wives were running out of patience and planning their revenge (shopping, facials and massages).

Dinosaur island

Ever since Ganma told Jack about this new attraction, he's been looking forward to seeing it. We all laughed about how scared he was a few years ago by the animatronic dinosaurs at questacon. He bounded in the door, past a scared boy and ground to a halt near a large apatosaurus. Too large and lifelike. I tried telling him the dinosaur was a) extinct and not real and b) a herbivore but no dice. Instead we looked at some cool fossils (including dinosaur poo!) And headed to dinosaur island which was more of an islet really. The dinos were pretty realistic though so it was another quick look. After Jack took on the battle boats he obviously felt braver so he went back for another look. Luckily not at the gift shop.


The day after we arrived here we decided to go to seaworld. We were tired but with lots of catchups happening Jack didn't want to miss out. We caught the bus there and after handing over large amounts of dosh, made a beeline for the penguins, then onto dinosaur island, then the rays and onto the sharks. In fact between S and Jack we kepy t up a cracking pace till we got to castaway cove. More on that soon. The aquariums are pretty fab and I'm always keen to pat a ray. I couldn't wait to instagram the lovely fish and a shark that seemed to be posing for me.