Wednesday, 21 April 2010

tiny dancer

A little while ago a friend mentioned dance classes in our local town. As Jack likes to bust a move or two I thought he'd really dig it especially as this class seemed to have all sorts of styles like ballet and hip hop though I'm not sure about krumping.

Yesterday I finally called and the classes were on that afternoon. I was advised to dress him in comfortable dancing clothes like leggings so he wore his groovy mosman Pj's and he kept on running around the house beforehand saying, "My Ballet shoes! My ballet shoes!" As we didn't have any he wore thongs, the local equivalent.

The class turned out to be a ballet class with Miss Liz and Miss Suze (so different from that one lesson I went to with a scary old crone for a teacher when I was little) and he had a ball. I tried to get photos but it was such a blur of activity that this was the best that I could manage.
I asked him if he wanted to keep doing ballet and he said yes, so today I'm off to find some jack sized jiffies.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Treechange anyone?

Apologies for the pause between posts (actually a month probably falls outside the pause category) but I've been challenging my domestic disability status and whipping our house into shape because we are selling it. And we are selling it because we bought a farm. Just up the road. Goodness.
So it's action stations around here and I'm thinking I should have holsters to carry windex and nifty with me. So here it is - have a look, check it out and hey, why not buy it?

Jack's room (yes the mural comes with the house)