Sunday, 18 July 2010


As some of you may know we are still in drought. Ever since we moved though something funny has been going on. S has been sowing and every time he finishes a paddock it pours with rain. I'm thinking that it's down to him but then it always seems to coincide with me putting washing on my technologically advanced clothesline (pics to follow).

urgent supplies

For anyone who is interested we are sowing oats (a late variety). Jack thinks we are growing oats for porridge (as you can see he's quite involved) but they will be used to make lambs nice and fat. Maybe we should undersow with rosemary?

Farm supervisor arrives on site

tractor picnic

alternative fuel? this tractor powered by chocolate biscuits

I know it looks clear and sunny in these photos, but hours later it was pouring with rain. The gumboots have been getting a real workout.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


One of the things I was worried about when we were selling our old house (besides whether we actually would sell it) was about leaving my stove behind. After five or so years of cooking together, my smeg and I were a team, but S and I decided that the stove would be a 'selling point' in an otherwise revolting kitchen (green!). To cheer me up S suggested that I do some research for our new one and then did most of the research himself. There was a stove here when we moved in but we decided we may need something more modern.

We have however decided to keep the wood fired stove for heating and maybe a loaf or two. wood fired stove - there is a floor there now

We found some amazing stoves on offer and some of them were very expensive. We decided against an Ilve after reading some rather funny stories (not funny for the people whose oven caught fire) on forums. I thought the Bosch looked weird and I wouldn't contemplate a St George because of their taste in spokespersons. In the end we chose a Blanco and it is wonderful. Even better than my last stove, which funnily enough the new people weren't that fussed about. Apparently they bought the house because they liked a tree in the front yard. Wish we'd known that earlier.

first batch of scones from our new oven (lemonade scones!)


I noticed recently a rather fab Sydney restaurant had Junee lamb on the menu. We've got some in the freezer courtesy of S's family. Andrew did the honours. Wish he'd taken the foot off before he brought it over.
I can't report on how it tastes yet as it's in the freezer but I'm hoping to slow roast it some day soon. No word from Barry the builder who we gave the leg to, maybe we'll hear when he comes back to install the kitchen cupboards.

Not long after that Jack and I went to the ABC Knit in at Wagga Library. It was bigger than Ben Hur with a crochet hook. The Knit in produces squares and eventually wraps for a charity named wrappedwithlove. Knitters nattered, a brass band from the Kapooka army base was playing, people from the local ABC, Sheep, dogs, a shearer and lots of school kids were all there. Apparently a class from one school was invited and they sent the whole school.

Jack fed the sheep (very brave) then watched the sheep being shorn before heading inside for a lamington (or as Jack calls them Lappingtons). And then another. I was afraid he would consume all the fuel for the knitters so we beat a hasty retreat.