Wednesday, 2 November 2011


When we visited the 'gong' (aka Wollongong) we stayed at Towradgi, not far from the beach. Jack and I visited it on our first day, after a lengthy play in the playground (mostly him). I mucked around with my camera, while he had a lovely time exploring rockpools.

When S had some free time we visited some other beaches up the coast. Jack had a ball but the water was freezing!

the gong

Someone recently commented on how we'd been away a lot lately. I thought that wasn't right and then I pondered and realised maybe we had. We've visited Sydney a few times for concerts (Gurrumul and the SSO) as well as visiting family.
We also spent a few days in the Gong. S presented a seminar at the Gong Uni and Jack and I had a little holiday. We saw the sights

(which included some awesome playgrounds),

visited the beach and the Buddhist temple - which I have always wanted to do - and ate lots of food that is not readily available around here. Fish and Chips, Vietnamese, Lebanese, real wood fired Pizza and Chinese. We even had yum cha at the temple. Highly recommended.




And we're back....on Tuesday I arrived home to find my way barred by a smallish but very fierce lizard. As I didn't want to squish it with the car I tried to persuade it to move. Even though, quite obviously I was the bigger party and it should have given way to me, it puffed itself up and ran at me. As I was wearing a dress (for Cup day) I took some very hasty backward steps. I didn't fancy those sharp little claws running up my leg.
Yesterday It appeared to have moved in. Not to the driveway, thankfully but not far from there. It had dug a hole and was puffing and carrying on. Jack was not impressed, but the dog was even less so. He varied between treating it with complete disdain (walking over the top of it) to chasing it. Eventually it stalked off in disgust and Lucky Dog, a dog on a mission, covered the hole so he would not be back.