Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ballet star


At the beginning of this year Jack decided he didn't want to do ballet anymore. And then halfway through the year he changed his mind. Just in time for the preparations for the end of year ballet extravaganza. No matter what, it always seems stressful with long essays being sent home about costumes and makeup and rehearsals (though Jack's makeup section was left blank).

lots of pink fairies and Jack

Somehow Jack made it to every rehearsal and S took him to his matinee performance. That night Ganma, Nonno and I attended the evening performance. That was a long night although my dad, due to his hip was given special permission to arrive at half time. The "babies ballet" as they are dubbed were not on until near the end (to stop us all leaving early methinks) and there was Jack twirling tiredly right in the middle of the row. He was thrilled with his medal that he received at the end and is keen to do Ballet again next year.

Busy, busy, busy

I will breathe a sigh of relief when December is over. Firstly because it has been a very busy month with lots of parties, concerts and get-togethers and all the cooking that entails. It also hasn't been the best year (though I guess the second half was an improvement on the first).

We also went away twice in December before Christmas which S assured me would be relaxing but just made me mindful of my lists of things to do. Yes that's right lists plural. Such a sad, sad Capricorn. It did for the most part work except for not telling one person about the work secret Santa - whoops - and presents nearly not arriving (though that was due to our mailman having a heart attack). Anyway I thought I better do a recap of recent and not so recent events.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


When we visited the 'gong' (aka Wollongong) we stayed at Towradgi, not far from the beach. Jack and I visited it on our first day, after a lengthy play in the playground (mostly him). I mucked around with my camera, while he had a lovely time exploring rockpools.

When S had some free time we visited some other beaches up the coast. Jack had a ball but the water was freezing!

the gong

Someone recently commented on how we'd been away a lot lately. I thought that wasn't right and then I pondered and realised maybe we had. We've visited Sydney a few times for concerts (Gurrumul and the SSO) as well as visiting family.
We also spent a few days in the Gong. S presented a seminar at the Gong Uni and Jack and I had a little holiday. We saw the sights

(which included some awesome playgrounds),

visited the beach and the Buddhist temple - which I have always wanted to do - and ate lots of food that is not readily available around here. Fish and Chips, Vietnamese, Lebanese, real wood fired Pizza and Chinese. We even had yum cha at the temple. Highly recommended.




And we're back....on Tuesday I arrived home to find my way barred by a smallish but very fierce lizard. As I didn't want to squish it with the car I tried to persuade it to move. Even though, quite obviously I was the bigger party and it should have given way to me, it puffed itself up and ran at me. As I was wearing a dress (for Cup day) I took some very hasty backward steps. I didn't fancy those sharp little claws running up my leg.
Yesterday It appeared to have moved in. Not to the driveway, thankfully but not far from there. It had dug a hole and was puffing and carrying on. Jack was not impressed, but the dog was even less so. He varied between treating it with complete disdain (walking over the top of it) to chasing it. Eventually it stalked off in disgust and Lucky Dog, a dog on a mission, covered the hole so he would not be back.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


At the library where I work we have a fair number of eccentric people that brighten our days. From the man who took out his teeth to use the computer then lost them to an alleged war criminal. Some are regulars and who entertain us regularly.
There is one lady who I quite like who likes to give the female staff beauty tips (haemorrhoid cream is great for smoothing wrinkles around the eyes) and brings us chocolate boobs on InternationalWomen's Day. I think she uses one of those association tricks to remember our names by linking us with a celebrity or actor. And instead of just using this as a prompt she actually calls us by the actor's name. I work with a tall, lanky guy with brown hair that she calls Matt Damon which I find hilarious. And what does she call me? Well at first, much to my chagrin she called me Kirstie Alley.

I must have looked shocked the first time she said that because she said," She's on Dancing with the Stars you know!" like that would set my mind at ease. And then last weekend as she was leaving she called out to me "Bye Christy Turlington!" Talk about an upgrade!

Monday, 29 August 2011


Another flying visit to Sydney. This time to go to see Gurrumul at the Opera House. Jack and I also managed to catch up with Soph, who has been quite unwell, and we also squeezed in a lovely little jaunt to the beach. It was so warm, especially as we are not officially into Spring yet and
Jack couldn't resist a quick paddle in his undies. I wanted to roll up my jeans and join in too but couldn't...damn you skinny jeans!

We also couldn't resist Fish and Chips for lunch....

and Jack finished with every boy's dream, an ice cream as big as his head (well almost).

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Happy Birthday S

Yesterday was S's birthday. He had a 'relaxing' day at home with Jack (who was sick) and then we met up for dinner at Mudgeegong. Diane made some delicious curries and I made the worst sponge cake of my life. S had had a hankering for a sponge (we should have gone for the echidna ice cream cake that Jack was plumping for) and I made one on Monday night. but it sank in the middle. I used a scone cutter to cut out small sponges so we could all have individual ones with cream and jam or lemon butter. It was not one of my finest culinary moments but Jack still enjoyed blowing out the candles. Probably why he blew them out three times.
Happy Birthday Mr B!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sydney fun

About a month ago we visited Sydney. Jack and I went early by plane (Jack was v. excited and even loved the turbulence) and S followed later. The highlight of our trip was a visit to the zoo by Scarlett, Jack, Mum and myself.

After some transport hiccups (the special free mosman whale bus broke down) we finally got to the zoo and Jack and Scarlett were champing at the bit to get going. Scarlett wanted to see the seals but patiently visited the snakes, giraffes, bears, tigers and lions and elephants and the bird show before we finally got to see the seals.

I was worried that the bird show would be a bit lame. My Mum was very keen to see it so we did and it turned out to be amazing. Jack loved the birds swooping down over us to the stage, including an enormous condor with a wingspan of approx 3 metres.

He also liked the bit where he had to hide his morning tea behind his back so the buzzard wouldn't try to take it. Everyone got along very well with any disagreements avoided by Jack and Scarlett having their own maps.
After the seals we made our way to the skyride to take us to the top gate and onto home. We didn't get to see the meerkats because they had 'gone on holidays'. Whoops. Bad parent!
Jack and Scarlett however were reconciled by the purchase of a new meerkat each. Thanks Ganma.

busy busy

Apologies for the long pause there. Things have been busy. I've been sewing items for a promise auction to raise money for Jack's preschool and attending meetings for the subcommittee of the subcommittee of the auction. And doing some 'visual merchandising' (window dressing) to advertise the auction and well, you get the idea.
The items I made for the Auction were a Mum and Baby pack with a nappy bag with matching changemat, rug, toddler hat, toy elephant and giraffe, a painting of an elephant and giraffe and some board books.

The other pack was for preschoolers and contains a pencil apron, library bag (thanks Mum), a painting of a gorilla and some bath crayons and books.

At the moment they are on display in the chemist but hopefully they will be snapped up on the night. And then it will be worth it, especially going to work with a big lump of stuffing stuck to my hair (Did anyone tell me? no).

Monday, 27 June 2011

mouse menace

Ah yes, the bucolic idyll in the country continues or as some may say the mouse plague continues. Whilst it does provide moments of humour like this little fellow who reminded me of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck after eating too much honey

or this sight that I saw in camel pose at yoga (It's like a mouse solarium)

the rodents have really worn out their welcome. It's not as if I have woken up with a mouse nibbling on my face like a local woman or caught 200 mice every night like some people. The mice have had a rather unexpected effect on our girls.

I was horrified to learn earlier this year that a chicken will eat a mouse if given the opportunity. If that mouse has eaten enough poison then the chicken is likely to feel 'unwell'. And so one by one the chooks have been struck down. Pop the ducken remains suspiciously unscathed and puzzled by his sudden rise up the pecking order.

a relaxing evening out

On the Sunday night we went to the club for a Chinese meal. Yes, you guessed it. Prawn toast, spring rolls, sizzling steak and honey prawns, chow mein. Ah, country Chinese food. But before then we had a bit of a wait. It seemed like everyone else in Junee was there for a feed as well. Luckily I had textas for Jack and Scarlett

and Chels had a friend.

When the textas get dull, you can always play with Mum's phone.

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