Monday, 27 June 2011

mouse menace

Ah yes, the bucolic idyll in the country continues or as some may say the mouse plague continues. Whilst it does provide moments of humour like this little fellow who reminded me of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck after eating too much honey

or this sight that I saw in camel pose at yoga (It's like a mouse solarium)

the rodents have really worn out their welcome. It's not as if I have woken up with a mouse nibbling on my face like a local woman or caught 200 mice every night like some people. The mice have had a rather unexpected effect on our girls.

I was horrified to learn earlier this year that a chicken will eat a mouse if given the opportunity. If that mouse has eaten enough poison then the chicken is likely to feel 'unwell'. And so one by one the chooks have been struck down. Pop the ducken remains suspiciously unscathed and puzzled by his sudden rise up the pecking order.

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Amy said...

Poor chickens, poor you! Hideous mice! They are funny mouse photos :)