Wednesday, 8 June 2011


A little while ago I read about these biscuits called Pillow Cookies on Bakerella. They look so unassuming until you realise that the choc chip biscuit is hiding a chocolate brownie. And yes, Bakerella is American. I mentioned them to a friend and she made me promise that I would make them for her birthday. In my defence I have to say I had been doing lots of baking. I made a birthday cake for a friend's daughter, then made two kinds of cupcakes and brownies for a fundraising morning tea. So when it came to making the pillow biscuits I didn't look up the recipe online. I just used a recipe for choc chip biscuits that I happened to have nearby. I moulded what seemed to be extravagant amounts of dough around each brownie and baked them. Due to their size I only manged to make about eight biscuits out of a recipe that usually makes at least twenty biscuits. I checked on their progress as they baked and was dismayed to find something resembling a cowpat instead of gently domed biscuits. They still tasted okay though and the birthday girl was very happy.

nigella's chocolate brownies

the evil (but oh so tasty) marriage of biscuit and brownie

ready to go in the oven - they may look normal
but are
actually each the size of a tennis ball

ta-da cowpat biscuits

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Amy said...

They tasted pretty good! As did the 500 other things you baked but didn't mention.