Monday, 26 March 2012

Big Brother

For nine months or so Jack has been soooo excited about the imminent arrival of his little sister. No we didn't know that we were having a girl (though most of us thought that). Jack was just absolutely certain that I would have a girl and then the family would be balanced (obviously not taking into account the dog and three chickens and 1 broody duck). We even discussed finding out so we could Jack used to the idea of a brother (not that that was going to happen - surely all those weird jalapeno cravings meant a girl?).
Then on the9th of March Sam made his debut and he was definitely not a girl. S laughing gave this away, followed by the cries of "It's a boy!"and then he weeed on me and I had other things on my mind.
Jack took the news well and didn't try to put him in a dress, as suggested by a friend of mine, but did have to find a new home for a very girly doll that he and Barn purchased. Jack finds the whole sleeping/feeding baby thing booooooring but is trying hard to be a fab big brother and is making the most of Sam's 'playtime'.


So surprisingly (for some) we have a new member of the family. For about eight and a half months we thought it was going to be a Ruby Sparkles (Jack's choice of names) but we ended up with Sam instead. Luckily he's cute and doesn't cry too much, or feed as often as Jack did, so we think we'll keep him. More photos to follow.
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