Sunday, 8 November 2009

The gee -gees

Last Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, so of course I wore a hat to work. Actually I so enjoy wearing them that I took spares for co-workers to wear too. Amy wore this fab pink number that Jack rather likes to wear when he's dancing. This became obvious when as I handed it to Amy I noticed some peanut butter smears along the rim. She wore it nevertheless and looked smashing or as one library patron exclaimed, "Gorgeous!"When it came time for the race we gathered around the telly and I handed out my spares. Jen wore a tiara (nice), Helen wore the cowboy hat and Brian wore the Pirate hat. Then after three and a bit minutes the race finished and some of us took off our hats and we all went back to work.
I must say people may be a tad worried because that was my third day back at the library and out of those days I'd worn some sort of headgear on two. Well, you have to wear a hat on Melbourne Cup Day and as for Halloween, I went low key and wore cat ears and handed out chocolate eyeballs. Delicious.

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