Monday, 9 June 2008

is that the sun?

Yes, it was sunny again today. I really fixed things buying those gumboots. I think this now officially qualifies as a heatwave. At the office people were telling S that it was very hot (it was 26 degrees). Jack's not complaining (though he does sometimes do the gumboot walk - like a sumo wrestler- even when he's got bare feet). He played some soccer in the park today with S. S keeps on telling him to pick the ball up, which has been noted and attributed to his being Australian.
All the rain or chocolate or the flirting (that continues unabated even when he has smelly pants) something is making him grow so quickly. The shoes that I bought him only a few weeks ago, that had lots of room to grow into, seem to have not much room left. Thank goodness the gumboots are generous. I guess we'll have to go shoe shopping or just wait till Edinburgh and he can wear his gumboots all the time. S is losing weight in spite of all the chocolate and ice cream he consumes.
Jack has been a bit fussy with his food (like his parents and all I want to say about tonight's dinner is who puts potatoes in a green chicken curry?) but I think we're having a bit of a breakthrough. On Saturday night we went to a Chinese restaurant in the village and had crispy shredded duck (again) and Jack ate lots of duck. We were well pleased. Maybe next time he can have it with the pancakes and hoi sin sauce. We also had a Chinese beer called Janming which we were assured is better than Tsing Tao. It was pretty good, but I like it because on the front of the bottle it said ,
"Beer of the Highest Official Manifestation" whatever that means and then it repeated the slogan in french too. I know about chinglish but what is it called when french is involved?

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