Monday, 2 June 2008

Jack's friends part 1 - Amber

Jack is making a lot of friends here at the manor. Who could resist his charm, his curls and his loud piggy noises? He prefers women to men, but will talk to the male residents if there are no women in the vicinity.

Unfortunately one of his special friends, Amber has just left to fly home to Brisvegas. Jack went to great lengths to attract Amber's attention in the dining room. Waving and smiling like a loon as soon as she got close. He also liked to help Amber when she was looking for her food in the fridge, pointing to the right shelf.
I'm sure Jack will miss her. As they say in Victoria she's ace.

He does seem to be trying to move on in his own inimitable fashion. Tonight at dinner he twisted around in his chair so he could poke some poor girl in the bum. oh dear.

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