Friday, 6 June 2008

Jack's (special) friends part 3 Rebeca and Arek

I think from the moment that Jack spied Rebeca he was smitten. With Amber he was all swagger and slapstick but his behaviour around Rebeca is different. There is still a certain amount of oinking but for awhile there when Rebeca would talk to Jack or give him a kiss he would become all coy and tongue tied.
He seems to be getting over that now and was chatting away in his own special Jack manner tonight. Whatever language it is that Jack speaks we know that it is not Spanish.
Jack will spot Rebeca from a distance and his face will light up. The other day she was walking down a laneway near us and he kept on waving and watching her as she walked off and waved back at him. It was like the equivalent of two lovestruck teenagers on the phone saying you hang you hang you...
And today when Jack and I were on our way to meet S in the park for lunch (after another successful Big Space visit) I saw Rebeca approaching deep in conversation with another girl. When she got close she excused herself and said something like, "Excuse me I have to talk to someone important" and was rewarded with a big smile from Jack.Arek (Rebeca's partner from Poland) is Jack's love rival. Jack however tries not to let this interfere with their friendship and the first time they met they played a round of golf on the front lawn of the manor. Glad to see they can be 'men' about this.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a beautiful writing. Undeniably, Jack is the STAR (yes! with capital letters) of The Manor. He has a kind of magnetic power over The Manor residents. Everytime I see him I cannot avoid to go close to him at least for a while. During the breakfast or dinner time I like to sit some place where I can see him because he transmits me a lot of happiness and good vibrations. Jack just to sit on the first chair you find when you enter in the dining room, at the table close to the fridge and the microwave, we respect his place, that is Jack´s seat!. That is an strategic place where he controls the situation and the residents.

Jack is a very interesting guy, quite intellectual, he has a lot of books. He comes from Australia, for me that is very atractive because when I was a child my brother told me that from Spain it was possible to arrive to Australia digging, so I grew up with that interesting idea and thinking that one day I had to do that deep hole to arrive to such an exotic and far-away country. But Jack not only comes from Australia, he comes from Wagga Wagga, I am totaly deligthed, a person who comes from a place with that name for sure that have to be interesting.