Friday, 20 June 2008

Farewell to the Manor

Tonight was our last dinner at the manor. No, we didn't eat manor food we went for the BYO option with the food and the wine (a brown brothers pinot grigio). We were joined by Rebeca and Arek and other people popped by on their way in or out. It's friday night after all. Everyone got a chuckle out of me describing how when I arrived for that very first meal that I thought the place mats were menus. No need for a menu when every night is potato night.

Can't say that I will miss the food but I will miss the people. And I'm not sure how Jack will go without his (mostly female) fan club. Jack's inflatable hammer has been given to Imma for the soccer game on Sunday night (Italy vs Spain). It's sure to be a volatile night in the TV room and I hope I won't read about any grisly inflatable hammer injuries in the news.

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