Friday, 13 June 2008

Room 4

As promised here is our room. It's really quite an extraordinary room: from the concealed sink to the bust of Beethoven and of course the Narnia wardrobe. The moment I walked into the room I was very taken with the wardrobe and half expected Edmund to pop out out any moment, his fingers sticky with turkish delight. As a child when I was so enchanted with the Narnia books I would always test out any potentially Narnian wardrobes to see if I could perhaps reach Mr Tumnus but never had any luck. I did have a rather capacious olive coloured wardrobe for awhile when I was little and told a teacher that I kept my pet brontosaurus in there. I think it must have been a small one.
We also have a small sofa, which Jack likes to use as a launching pad and of course the very romantical twin beds which I cable tied together (thanks Diane for that tip). The carpet has certainly seen better days and Jack had added to the toenails that already adorned it with a combination of yoghurt, blackcurrants and flouro playdough. Ooops. Oh and a small wee this morning. It could've been worse.
We are convinced that the room is actually the one where the experiments to make the first inorganic fertiliser were done. The institute and the manor were all left for scientific research by the scientist who achieved this. Apparently towards the end of his life he said that he was kind of sorry that he'd invited the fertiliser but not sorry about the money. Oh well at least he was honest.

And yes I know it's messy. All the stuff on the bed are things we are going to post home to lighten the load.

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