Monday, 2 June 2008

Menu for the week

We had had plans to go away last weekend due to another function being held at the Manor (poor sods). In the end we decided to stay put because lots of rain was forecast (do these weather people get their qualifications out of cornflake packets?) and the function was not a wedding but a 60th birthday. S seemed to think that should be fairly subdued. I pointed out that there are several 60 year olds renowned for their partying ways eg. Cher, Bill Clinton and Ros Diffey.

Luckily none of the above were the birthday boy or girl. It wasn't too bad. We snuck through the foyer as the guests were arriving. They ignored us but you would wonder what was going on, all these casually dressed people sneaking through your party. We managed to resist using the plastic chairs and tables that we had been strictly forbidden to use and really the only noise came from people walking past our window, leaving early and discussing where they could get a decent bite to eat in town. Poor things. Actually they were probably the lucky ones.
We've checked out the menu for the week and I have to say are saddened by the return of some old favourites. Tonight is the lamb burger, which is what we had for our very first meal here. I'm sure it had been lamb once but not by the time we got it. Then there's pork curry tomorrow night. Soggy pasta on Wednesday and fishcakes again on Friday. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a good fishcake, be it Thai or conventional. My mum used to make great salmon ones, but these are dreadful. Salty and stodgy.
And then the week ends with Sausages and Onions. Sigh. I better get to the supermarket.

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what would Gordon Ramsay say?