Sunday, 8 June 2008

Splash Park on a sunny day

S played golf today with his schoolfriend Jamie. So with the afternoon spread out before us and not a cloud in the sky I decided that a visit to the splash park was in order. Unfortunately so had 1,000 other people. Once we recovered from the sight of all those pasty bodies in the park stripping off to catch some rays, and made it past the ducks and dogs we were dismayed by the sheer number of people at the splash park. Thank goodness there isn't a decent beach nearby, there would be no room to move. Take a look at my previous photo then have a look at the photo I took today. Needless to say we didn't stay long. There were people smoking, Jack got knocked over (he's okay - he bounced) and people just left their soccer balls lying around which Jack decided he wanted to play with. Again he didn't really seem that interested in the splashy bit. No gumboots were involved I guess. He did get sprayed in the face by a waterspout on a timer. His timing couldn't have been better. He strolled up to the nozzle bit and peered intently at it then WHOOOSH! out shot jets of water, but he thought it was funny. Must be all that practice from the little boy who lives at the manor squirting him with his water pistol.

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