Friday, 20 June 2008

Another catch up

This time with a friend of mine. I haven't seen Andy for ten years. Since the last time I was in England. And similar to that time I left things to the last minute ( I mean really we've been here for seven weeks) but was able to catch up with Andy and his lovely partner 'H' (I felt very James Bond calling her H and was waiting for Q and M to show) because they drove for two hours from High Wycombe to have dinner with us. I think the drive normally wouldn't take quite that long but due to the hour we decided to dine (due not only to Jack's schedule but also to Andy being on breakfast radio) their drive over clashed with peak hour. Andy and I reminisced about the old days at Ashanti cafe where we worked together and some of the cost cutting measures our boss applied to the menu (I'm hoping no one shows the manor chef because he'd love them). We were particularly fond of the chicken neck cacciatore (mmm) and the penang pasta which was cooked pasta with some peanut sauce. S and H talked about the romance of the manor (ie the single beds cabletied together).
A fine time was had by all. Andy sounds like a pom (so much so that I had to check who he barracked for in the cricket) and he said that living in the country had made me lose my Mosman inflection. (quick must practise saying 'Oooooo - love that latte Pashmina Dahling' fifty times).
And under strict instructions from my mother (who was disappointed by the lack of photos of Jamie and his gorgeous girls) I made sure that photos were taken.
Can I say H is a bit of a hottie for a granny, no?

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