Monday, 9 June 2008

More doodley bugs

We went back to doodley bugs today. I made sure that we had enough time to get there so I didn't have to do the bramble scramble. This Sunday is father's day here (S gets two father's day this year) so today we made presents for father's day. Hilarious. It was rather fitting then that jack was wearing his 'My Dad Rocks' t-shirt. Jack tried to eat the glue (well it was in a yoghurt pot) and found himself a new mum. He just climbed onto this woman's lap (uninvited) and sat there quite happily. It all came to an abrupt end when her own child fell off a chair and Jack was handed back to me rather quickly. There was more tossing oats with gay abandon and one lucky girl copped a mouthful of oats via a plastic spade.She looked quite shocked. By the end of the hour most children were covered in a fine layer of oat dust.
The crafts were a father's day card, a mug and a pet dad rock. I think ours looks pretty lifelike. We didn't leave with any extra children this week, which is a good thing I'd say. We may be visiting the Tate Modern on Wednesday so maybe I'll take the rock. We had to throw out the sunflower because the seeds were attracting mice.

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