Monday, 9 June 2008

let's adjourn to the library

I've realised that I've been remiss in not showing more of our salubrious environs. I need to take photos of our amazing room with the secret sink, so in the meantime here is the library. It does live up to its name in that there are books but they are mostly of the Jilly Cooper and stolen library book variety. As you can see there is a phone in the library as well as some very old and or dodgy board games. There's one called dirty minds that makes me feel icky just reading the questions. No one seems to use that one. In fact the only person who does seem to touch the games is Jack when he upends the boxes and all the pieces fall everywhere. There are large cracks between the floorboards not big enough for game pieces but just the right size for the keys to the cabinets (as we found out to our horror!). We thought we'd keep quiet on that one.
There's also a globe which is very handy when new arrivals tells us where they are from. I think my geographical knowledge is in need of some work as are my language skills. As you can see the furnishings are nice, different and unusual.

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