Sunday, 29 June 2008

Saturday in Edinburgh

On Saturday the three of us went to the National gallery (S wanted to see the Skating Reverend and who could blame him?). It was quite sunny and we couldn't help noticing how busy the streets were. So what do the good people of Edinburgh do on a weekend. Book reading? gallery opening? philosophy lecture? Some may but it seemed most of them were shopping and with a zeal that was impressive. I believe the summer sales are on and that is why we saw people struggling under the weight of their purchases. After the gallery and a trip to the park (and some fish and chips) I went to investigate and Jack and S went back to the flat for a nap. I had a look at Jenners, which is the oldest department store in Edinburgh and also features occasionally in 44 Scotland Street (Sasha Todd and her daughter Lizzie go shopping there before the rather poorly attended Edinburgh Conservatives' Ball).
It was madness, especially in the shoe department. Husbands who weren't lucky enough to score the few husband chairs stood grim faced and forlorn as their wives queued and queued and queued. I went to the top floor and then passed them on my way back down and the wives were still queueing and the men were still waiting.
I had a look at Hamleys toy store in the basement but left after I was caught with my hand in a pool trying to get a bath squid to go. Well, it had tentacles and it looked cute and I wanted to see it in action. I sought refuge in the M & S food hall and bought some lovely fresh pasta for our dinner.
I saw some interesting sights but no longer had my camera. People (men) dressed as superheroes on a pub crawl, people dressed as vegetables protesting about packaging at Sainsburys (they were wrapped in plastic) and I saw two African drummers jamming with a bagpipe player. I''m not a big fan of the bagpipes but they sounded really quite good with the drums. Jammin'
On Saturday night I thought I'd have a nice relaxing bath with a lush bath ball and face mask that I had purchased. Then the door opened and I was joined by the lovely, but not so relaxing Jack and his friends octomopus and ducky. I guess I'm lucky the dinosaurs didn't come too. Then S came in with the camera.

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