Friday, 13 June 2008


We met the naughtiest park dog so far this morning. Jack and I had gone to the park for a round of golf. A Jack Russell ran up and Jack wanted me to pick him up (as we know dogs make him nervous). As I picked him up the dog ran up and stole Jack's yellow golf ball and ran off. The dog, whose name was Archie, took off like a shot. We gave chase but you know those JR are very fast and Jack didn't want to get too close. The owner who had been chatting away on his mobile suddenly realised what was going on (I think me yelling, "excuse me your dog has stolen our ball!" might have clued him in) and started chasing the dog. I think he was trying to book plane tickets on the phone as he chased Archie in circles. Archie thought this was the best game ever and ran around and around and around. He would stop occasionally so his owner could get close and then he'd take off again with the ball firmly clenched in his mouth. His owner, who was very polite, was apologising to me then the person on the phone and yelling at Archie but Archie just kept running. I think Archie hadn't had this much fun in ages. Eventually he lay down and the ball was begrudgingly spat out and handed over. Archie trotted over to see that there were no hard feelings but Jack wasn't about to forgive so easily. With a very slobbery ball in hand we returned to our golf game and we watched as Archie ran off into the distance -in the opposite direction from his owner who would stop every now and again to yell, "ARCHIE!"

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fairy said...

omg that is marcellous the beagle to a T! i empathise.