Monday, 2 June 2008

Return to Big Space

On Sunday Jack and I thought S should be introduced to the chuckle fest that is Big Space. I think S was dubious (especially after dodging all the expensive cars in the car park) but a good time was had by all.
We all had a go on the big slide and lots of other bouncy, padded things. S had a huge hot chocolate that was too chocolately (??!!) and I had a panini. Jack had fun.
There is a different vibe on the weekends. More kids parties (which means lots of red cordial, screaming and the slightest whiff of vomit) and no YM's. They must all be at home with their flash cards ("No, Ollie this is an Audi TT not a BMW M3! We've already been through this!Eat your manchego cheese and duchy oatcakes").
Jack finally had a go on the scootery whatsits which were almost deserted and therefore safe. There was just one little boy going around and around and around Jack yelling, "You've got to use your feets!" All Jack wanted to do was watch the boy.I had a funny conversation with another little boy that went like this
Lb: Hello
me: Hello
LB: Are you going home then?
Me: no. Are you?
Lb: No. I like dinosaurs.
Me: excellent.
Kids are very funny. I tried taking photos of jack and S on the slide but my timing was out.
S did much better taking photos of us.

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