Thursday, 19 June 2008

the incident

I think Jack must have heard the staff here saying what a good boy he is. Or maybe it was me saying confidently that I had done my last load of washing at the manor as I carried a pile of clean, white clothes back to our room. We leave for edinburgh in 2 days time so I have been packing and trying to work out what we can leave behind. I felt kind of mean giving Jack's play dough away but that was before the incident.
We'd already had a moment before S went to work with Jack emptying the contents of a packet of cotton wool buds everywhere. It looked like it was snowing inside.
Then as I was packing our bags Jack came up to me with a squeezy juice thingy in his hand. He was quite insistent that I should open it. I told him I would only do so if he ate it and didn't spill any. He popped it into his mouth and reassured I turned my back for a maximum of 3 seconds. Not sure what made me turn around but when I did it was carnage. The fruit puree was made from blackcurrants and blueberries and it was everywhere. All credit to him he got really good coverage. All over the suitcases (open suitcases) that had a layer of white clothes on top. On the carpet. The lounge. The cushions. Everywhere. It looked like a scene from a splatter flick. And it was all over him. I resisted when he tried to hug me and I'm surprised that he wanted to because I was cranky and I did yell. Then we went back to the laundry.

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