Monday, 2 June 2008

Ta-da! The laundry

I'm not a person who gets excited about laundry. I know this is odd but it's the truth. My mother loves washing. Loves it. She was relieved when I told her about the laundry here and has demanded photos every time we talk. Surprisingly, considering the quality of the food and the godawful pillows (I think they are filled with sawdust), the laundry is very good - if you like that sort of thing.
There are 2 machines, 2 dryers and a sorting table which is a nice touch (better than a disused bathroom vanity full of crap). there are also drying racks for the clothes in case it rains (which is of course almost all the time. I think S may be suffering from SAD, seasonal affected disorder, which normally affects people in winter when there aren't many hours of sunlight. S keeps on glaring balefully at the sky and muttering," what is it with this bloody weather?Why can't I see the sky?").
Actually most people just put things straight onto the racks and never use the lines in the yard. The racks are lowered and raised using pulleys which I find strangely enjoyable to use. Don't ask why.
There is a kind of etiquette, due to there being 2 machines and about 40 residents. If someone else's washing has finished it is okay to remove their washing and leave it on top of the machine. I feel uncomfortable just dumping things like that so yesterday I put a piece of lace, 1 knee high stocking, a voluminous pair of knickers and some thermal pj's on a rack. When I returned later they were gone. Hopefully with the right person. There's also a big tub that we can put Jack in to contain him but he's not so keen.
And just when you think that the manor has outdone itself providing a fully functioning facility, you try to use the iron and the ironing board. The board has seen better days (hard and lumpy and impossible to put down once it's up) and the iron I would say has been dropped from a great height. As you pick it up water gurgles out over your hand and down the cord. We've opted for the unironed look (don't tell Garn!) in the name of personal safety.

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