Wednesday, 4 June 2008

gumboot chic

When we went to St Albans last weekend I saw some smashing wellies (that's attractive gumboots). People around here seem to wear them alot and they look quite stylish. They are not the humble gumby, they have a stylishly tapered shape with a small buckle at the top.
I have some gumboots at home that S bought me and they are very sound and sensible but the ones I saw last Saturday were colourful and fun. I saw patterned ones and ones in a range of lovely, lolly colours. They kept on popping into my mind particularly when I kept on getting wet ankles and toes from the rain soaked grass. And blue feet from my new jeans getting wet. Very unusual look.
So yesterday, after seeing how successful Jack's gumboots were I decided to get some of my own. I had a look at the lolly coloured ones, pink, orange or purple. They were truly lovely but at £79 maybe a little pricey for a gumby. I found some others with patterns. They were some with a coloured oval pattern that were very nice but when I put them on they looked horrid. All bunchy around my ankles. I have this problem with leather boots too. The problem was due to my shapely (large) calves. I was depressed because I had my heart set on a pair. Then the friendly man in the shop suggested these nice piranha wellies (and they have a lovely gusset for ladies with shapely calves) and they were fab. Jack and I went straight to the park to try them out. Lovely and they've already been admired at the manor.
S thinks I may be mad but I think it is more a case of embracing some english eccentricities. Do you think they wear wellies in Edinburgh or Paris?

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