Wednesday, 4 June 2008

splash park

This is the 'splash park' in St Albans park that I mentioned in a previous post. There's even a dragon's head that spits water. Actually maybe it's the Loch Ness Monster. I kept on expecting Jack to race into the middle under the fountainy things. I saw a little boy do this who had obviously just been put into dry clothes. He studiously ignored his mum yelling at him, so she had to run in to get him. The park is a bit of a lottery as the squirters go off at random times and I could see her tensing, waiting to get drenched, but she escaped unscathed. The little boy was in trouble. I bet he won't be visiting Splash park for awhile.
Jack however, his country upbringing coming to the fore, preferred to inspect the fences. When they appeared to be in order he set off towards those very scary gucks (as he calls them) and we know what happened there.

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