Wednesday, 18 June 2008

no more doodleybugs

Last Monday we went to the last doodley bugs session in the village. I'm not sure what was going on but all the kids (Jack included) were acting like they'd each drunk a bottle of GI lime cordial (undiluted). Bonkers. Mayhem was the order of the day. Remarkably Jack came away unscathed but I was not so lucky. In the photos you can see in the background bowls of pink liquid. All the kids were given a straw and told to blow bubbles. When you had lots of bubbles you put white cardboard over the top and ended up with a bubble picture. Or your son grabs the bowl and sloshes pink liquid onto your lap. Either way it's pretty satisfying. Jack also spent a lot of time on his 'phone'. He holds things up to his ear and chats away, even laughing and waving his hands around. Sometimes he will do this for almost an hour while I use the computer at the library. I'm sure the other people using the computers must love it.Very funny.

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