Thursday, 12 June 2008

creative cuisine

The normal chef (and I use both those terms loosely) is on a well earned break. So the chef (can you believe there are two here?) who normally cooks breakfast (ie. heats the baked beans) is also doing dinners. This means that instead of being in the bain-marie they are in the fridge awaiting radiation. This can be trying as there is only one microwave and these meals seem to take a long time to heat.
Like last week we've chosen to eschew most of the dinners on offer this week due mostly to them being return offenders or just not sounding very tempting.We did have the green chicken curry on Monday night, which was unusual for many reasons but mostly due to it being made with potatoes. We decided to give the pizza on Tuesday a miss after trying it previously (not good). As we were eating our dinner in the dining area we were able to see what we were missing. Two slabs of pizza with orange cheese and a large baked potato. Arek was sure that the potato was included as a joke, because no one would seriously put the two together. That explains why I saw one of the French girls drawing a face on hers. We are convinced that one night the whole meal will be made completely of potatoes even the dessert. Maybe a potato flavoured blancmange?Last night was Stuffed Pork Chop with swede. Mmmm. Doesn't that make your mouth water? Needless to say we were not tempted to try the meal after reading that description.We had a look at the plates wrapped in plastic but couldn't spot a chop. It seemed most people had opted for the veggie option. We were told today by Enrique who ate the chop that it was very dry and you "needed to chew with a lot of passion" to be able to eat it.
And tonight. Well. it could be a new low. Again foolishly we thought that spaghetti would be fairly safe.
WRONG WRONG WRONG! The sauce had had only the briefest acquaintance with tomatoes and none whatsoever with garlic, oregano or any kind of flavour. And the orange cheese made a comeback - in a bag waiting to be sprinkled onto the meal. What a taste sensation. So of course I had to take a photo or three...but I'm not sure if they properly convey the awfulness of the meal or the orangeness of the cheese. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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