Monday, 23 June 2008

A wee wiggly day

Last night after our dahl and chicken tikka S told me that the Wiggles were playing in Edinburgh and suggested that Jack and I should go. It was a good idea as I think Jack needed some musical diversions. He'd even started grooving to bagpipe music. Surely I couldn't get tickets at this late stage? I tried calling the ticket agency but there was some weird crossed line thing going on with lots of "hello? hello" business and no sensible ticket conversations so I gave up. Till this morning that is, when I thought I'd give it one more try. I got through and the ticketing person could hear me and there were tickets available. Near the front.
I'd seen the Playhouse yesterday so after a bit of a ramble we picked up the tickets. I had a lovely chat to some Scottish mums who don't seem as stand offish as English mums and one told me if she heard another Wiggle's song she'd scream. Funny. I've heard that before and she was in for an hour of them. It was just after 10am and the Wiggles didn't start till 11 so we wondered off again.
When we made our way back there was a HUGE queue. Very orderly and patient. Eleven O'clock came and went and still we waited. A theatre spokesman told us there were sound problems but it shouldn't be too long and thank goodness it was such a lovely day. Now it wasn't raining but for a summer day it was hardly balmy. I think it was about fifteen degrees.
At long last the queue started moving and we were in the playhouse. There was a special pram parking lot (tricky to negotiate when Jack was grabbing onto people's wiggle balloons) and then we headed downstairs.
I showed the usher our tickets and we were taken down the front, right down the front to the second row. Jack was mesmerised for the first twenty minutes. He just sat in my lap squeezing my hand with these big round eyes. Occasionally he'd turn around and look at me as if to say "check this out". He got very excited when Wags the dog came on stage. Then he wanted to stand on my lap and trample on me a bit. I actually realised that he was trampling so much that my top was pulled down at the front exposing my bra. I hope no one thought I was one of those randy mums that dress up and try to score with a Wiggle.The show was great. I have to say the Wiggles are getting on a bit (aren't we all?) but they rocked. They were funny and entertaining. I think there's a fair bit of ad libbing that goes on. They didn't sing my signature tune "Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo" or "Big Red Car "(sorry Andrew, I know it's your favourite) but they did song "Point your fingers and do the twist". Rock on.Apparently Dorothy (the dinosaur silly) loves eating roses and I wondered why all these kids had been waiting in line with roses. Now I know. They were handed over along with some signs and cards and letters that said things like, "Dear wiggles I love you...". I know this because they read them out on stage.Then right near the end they performed "Twinkle twinkle little star" and turned all the lights down low and got the kids to wiggle their wiggle sticks (12 quid from the merch stand) and Jack fell asleep. Even the finale, which was a very rousing rendition of "hot potato" failed to wake him. Captain Feathersword looked down and saw him sleeping and smiled at me. It was an Awwww moment. There were lots of tears at the end (not mine, just all the kids who were sad it was finished) and I sat there and Jack slept. I thought it would be best to wait a while before retrieving the pram.
After the concert we walked around seeing more of Edinburgh and saw some rather nice shops. Harvey Nicks, Louis Vuitton etc. I found Vin Caffe which is the sister cafe to Valvona & Crolla, which I have so far failed to locate. Jack and I went to a little park at St Andrews Square, where Jack chased a pigeon but then was stunned by the arrival of a large and hungry gull.Strolling down the street we passed a yum cha restaurant (retain that info for future reference) and as I was waiting for the lights I looked over and there was a Wiggle. A blue Wiggle (that's Anthony to the uninitiated). As he was off duty I was in two minds about bothering him but I thought what the hell - we're all Aussies. If it had been Murray (red & my favourite wiggle) I might have been too scared but then I'm sure he's pretty nice too. So I sidled on over and told him we enjoyed the show. We actually had a chat and he was super nice. Very down to earth for a millionaire. The delay was Evita's fault (also on at the playhouse). And he'd heard of Junee and even mentioned the licorice factory. He also mentioned that Sam (Yellow), the newest wiggle, is from Wagga, but I already knew this. People from Wagga are always pretty quick to claim natives that have 'done good' like those bogan twins who were on Big Brother. I was dubious about Sam but he did a good job. Anyway I felt like I was invading Anthony's free time so I made my excuses and we headed off (it was time for a proper nap).
A wiggly day indeed.

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