Sunday, 18 May 2008

with an oink oink here....

Jack is settling in nicely at the manor. I think he particularly enjoys mealtimes when there are lots of people in the dining room (ie. an audience). Sometimes if he's not getting enough attention from the other guests he smiles, waves, makes loud, crashy noises or like the other night put his arm in the air and hollered , "HOooo!" at a poor girl.
And it works. Girls (and guys) here lavish him with attention. He gets smiles, cuddles, bananas and laughter because he loves an audience. One of the girls here gives him a kiss on the forehead whenever she sees him which he thinks is just grand. Or people let him play with their watches. We always make sure that they are waterproof/shockproof.
His latest trick though is to do his piggy face complete with snort which my father taught him (thanks dad). It's guaranteed to get laughs which just encourages him. Here's a photo of our little man bear piglet.

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