Tuesday, 20 May 2008


There's a chain of shops here that are amazing. They are a compacter's worst nightmare. They have a small shopfront and presumably a huge storage area like a retail tardis. Their catalogue is the size of a phone book. You check that the item you want is in stock and you order it and hey presto it appears seconds (or minutes) later. And they sell everything. Sofas, high chairs, toys, phones, pools, tents, beds, chandeliers, engagement rings and some very naff jewellery. That's only a fraction of the things they sell. It's hard to describe until you see the catalogue (www.argos.co.uk). Astounding. And very handy. We've given our local Argos a workout for a new stroller for jack and a portable high chair so he can sit on the chairs with all his girlfriends at dinner.
Yes, the backpack stroller has not been such a success. Hard to wheel over gravel (and there's alot of gravel around here) so we're hoping to sell it to an unsuspecting yummy mummy. hehehe.

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