Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Food Update

I know you've all been on tenterhooks waiting to find out what's on the menu for this week and also to find out how the rest of last weeks meals went. There was a brief respite going to Stratford but we're back into the fine dining again. We had an okay meal last week. Steak and onion pie (well it's all comparative isn't it?) and in keeping with the theme it was served with carrots. Thank goodness we were beginning to worry about scurvy or rickets or something. And dessert was carrot cake. And on another night we had haddock fishcakes with chips and peas. They were orange and very salty and very smelly. The whole manor smelt like haddock and still did the next morning on the day of the wedding. Hope no one thought it was the bride.
The night we returned turkey dinners were left in the fridge with 2 kinds of potatoes (boiled and roasted) and a brick of stuffing. Apparently it is not unheard of for meals to be served with 3 kinds of potatoes. Fortunately we had gone to M & S and had tomatoes, crusty bread, olives, hummous and cheese. All eaten outside on some of the tables left from the wedding, which apparently went very well.
My mother was hoping that this week's colour would be green but that would surely mean vegetables. However last night we had green chicken curry with pineapple rice- hmmm- edible and green.
And tonight we had pizza that was about 2 inches thick but again edible but not green - oh wait there was a salad of sorts. It was followed by this cakey thing that looked like a mars bar had mated with a chocolate cake (but not as tasty).
Later this week there will be baked ham and peaches (we'll be dining out that night) and the rather enigmatically named Steak Slice. Ideas anyone on what this might be? I can hardly wait?
S has suggested taking photos of orange food for blog but feel that would cause a stir in the dining room.
Maybe the steak slice.
We may be getting a reputation though. Another guest asked S what I thought of the food and he said," At home my wife reviews restaurants." Yes, we are the Terry and Jill of Old Junee. The funny thing is that while I find the food ordinary I also find it funny and good material for the blog but S finds it really annoying. Methinks he's been spoilt.

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