Friday, 30 May 2008

the playground

We don't actually go to the playground very often. I think the park is much nicer. The playground looks appealing. It has a special gate to stop runaways and lots of things to climb on and novelty garbage bins. But then you notice that while the security gate is very good, there's a huge gap in the hedge for escapees to disappear through. The climbing frames? Good for older kids but do we really want to encourage Jack's climbing?
And the novelty bins. Besides one looking like it's come up against the french rugby team I'm not sure about the wisdom of making a garbage bin so cute that kids want to touch it. And they do.At first the penguin freaked Jack out then he wanted to pat it. Ugh.Most of the time though he wants to go up an down the steps to the slide. Not use the slide itself. Just the steps.
We didn't stay long. The YM's were giving me funny looks for taking photographs of garbage bins.

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