Monday, 19 May 2008

Dog biscuits of human kindness

The last time I visited the UK I used to joke about how you could fall down in the street and people would just keep walking (well I was living in London) but if you were a dog they would stop and help. I think London's still the same with the big city people in a rush mentality.
Happy to say though that people around here are much kinder. Whenever I get the train to St Albans I am inundated with offers to help carry Jack and his stroller up and down stairs. At one station 3 people approached me at the same time to offer help. Another lady apologised that she was unable to help me because she'd just had a back operation. Blimey! People stop at crossings when they don't have to so we can cross and hold doors open for us. How nice.
And the dog biscuits? There's something deep in the british psyche about dogs. They are greatly loved (judging by all the ones we see in the park having a lovely time) and dogs that are down on their luck (and donkeys for some reason) are a cause for great sadness and charitable acts. When I was at the markets in St Albans there was a homeless guy with his dog near the stalls. I saw a woman and her daughter had bought food from a gourmet dog food stall for the dog who looked well pleased. Nice. Hope the homeless guy wasn't hungry.

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