Thursday, 15 May 2008

Jack packs

I think I told most people about jack packing his bag before we left home. He collected a yellow ball, yellow car, crayons and a piece of yellow lego. Not sure where the yellow thing is coming from but he very proudly showed me the contents of his bag. I thought it was only fair that we brought those things with us. Along with LOTS of other stuff.
So when we got to singapore jack helped me repack the carry on luggage by placing the contents of the minibar in my bag. He really had my best interests at heart.
When we arrived here he helped to unpack but obviously didn't like the drawers that I had chosen so he helpfully unpacked them. Then stood on the pulled out bottom drawer to reach a lamp.
Now he just likes hiding things in drawers. Usually dummies that he doesn't like anymore or his sippy cup (which he doesn't want to use he wants to drink water out of a bottle or glass like us). When we went to stratford I had to double check all the drawers so we didn't leave things behind. I can just imagine the staff opening a drawer and thinking "what is going on?" when they find a stash of dummies and yellow things.

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