Thursday, 29 May 2008

Return to Big Space

Jack and I had a lovely day today. After breakfast and walking S to work (we had to remove all large pieces of metal from our persons due to an enormous magnet near his building - lucky we don't have any metal plates in our heads/legs) we walked to big space but it was n't open yet. So we tramped off to the village part b which is this whole other part of the village we discovered the other day. It has a bakery, hardware shop, post office and a supermarket. That's 4 supermarkets (that I've found so far). I was going to say that the village is not that big but actually I've just looked it up and the population is 30,000. So I guess that's fair enough. It doesn't feel that big. Maybe that's just the population of Big Space during school holidays.We checked out the 'new' supermarket. Lots of OAP grabbing a bargain and they usually know. It had a different vibe from the high street supermarkets (no fair trade bananas but fosters was available) but it was alright. They had a nice range of freshly baked pastries, so Jack and I shared a cinnamon snail.
After 10 o'clock we went back to Big Space. The car park was once again crammed full of Range Rovers. The toddler area was pretty quiet though and the people that were there were very nice (even though they were quite yummy). Nice things were said about Jack's hair.

Jack did some more work on his kamikaze slide technique then headed for the big kids section where he gazed longingly at the little scootery whatsits then scaled this huge bumpy slope and ran amok on the top level of the play area. The other kids didn't seem to mind him being there except for some nasty little boys who were against sharing the play area with anyone. Jack met this lovely little black girl with lots of braids and this tight, ruffled, hot pink dress. She was very cute but no I didn't take any photos of her because I didn't want people to think I was a weirdo. Jack and I ran through some of the gladiator bits again (much hilarity ensued) then returned once more to the toddler section. The unfriendly YM's had arrived and we left soon after.
After a trip to the lovely library we went to the park for lunch. Once again the weather was tropical though by the time Jack woke up from his nap this afternoon it was raining once more.
Note about park photos above. I realise it looks like Jack is frowning but he is actually squinting and unsure what that bright stuff coming form the sky is.

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