Monday, 19 May 2008

Our busy schedule

Spoke to mum this morning who was worried I was bored. Not bored. Having a lovely time. Thought I might give you an idea of a typical day for Jack and me (as most of you probably know S is busy doing his phd). We wake up, which could be anywhere between 5am and 7am. Sometimes we get a sleep in. When we first arrived here and were trying to readjust our body clocks (well Jack's) We were getting up at 5 and going for a walk before breakfast. These days we tend to get up shower and go to breakfast. No time for a walk. This morning Jack reverted and was up and ready to play at 5 (sigh).
After brekky I repack 'the bag' with everything we might need: nappies, wipes, bum cream, water, bottle, sippy cup, formula, books, biscuits, lunch, camera, phone, purse, golf sticks, balls. Then, footloose and fancy free, we're off. It's a wonder that the stroller doesn't tip over with all of that stuff in a bag hanging off the handles. Actually when Jack hops out it does.
We walk S to work then we stroll down to the village. If it's sunny we go to the park so Jack can run free with the local puppies (they are usually more interested in his biscuits or soccer ball than him, especially a naughty Airedale terrier called Wilfie). It's really just like a page out of a Hairy McLary Book. After a nice play we go to the supermarket for lunch supplies/necessities (more biscuits) then off to the library to update the blog. If Jack falls asleep I get extra time on the computer but if he's not cooperating(flinging biscuits/dummies/bottle like today) we leave to meet S for lunch in the park. More running around and picking daisies (for Jack) then S goes back to work and Jack and I go back to the manor for a nap. And then S returns and we all prepare ourselves for a gourmet feast.
Exciting non?
Of course on other days we head off for adventures and markets aplenty.

Have promised mum photos of the laundry. I'm sure you'll all be waiting on tenterhooks for that post!

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