Thursday, 15 May 2008

To market

Yesterday Jack and I went to St Albans on the train and had a lovely time. I hadn't really planned it but wednesdays are market day (huzzah!) and they were cracker. Talk about giving your eyes a treat. You could buy anything: olives, fish, fabric, pillows, clothes, bread, toys, books, shoes, fruit and veg, garden equipment, plants, flowers. Anything. It was great fun and good people watching for jack.

I bought some fabric and some green olives with lemon and tarragon (thought I'd give my tastebuds a treat too) and I bought an enormous brownie for s though not sure why as he doesn't really like chocolate.
Also had a look at the shops (mmm...waterstones bookshop) and visited the library. V. busy. Much busier than the village. A very successful day but by the end jack was tired and my legs were worn down to stumps. Was worried the stroller would topple over with the weight of

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