Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Not sure what's going on here but we may be in need of a phrasebook or a babel fish. Didn't really expect to be having language problems so early on in the piece. People don't seem to understand me when I ask simple questions. An example:
Me: Excuse me do you know if there is a public phone around here?
Olde english duffer: Sorry?
Me: A Phone? Do you know if there is a phone?
OED: Puzzled silence
OED:Oh a phone yes just over the road
Shows what a pillock he was...there was one behind me (yes I know means I am also pillock for walking straight past it).
Feel like I am stuck in an episode of little Britain. S of course has no problems being understood (that's the elocution lessons) but has problems grasping what Brits are saying to him. Usually looks to me to translate.
Another strange effect is that S is now using words and phrases that I have never heard him use before like duvet, pushchair and leave it out ya toilet (last phrase must be said with trashy brit accent ie jimmy from the streets).
Luckily no effect on me - always use words pillock and jammy dodger.

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