Saturday, 31 May 2008

emergency stop!

Every Saturday in the park they have soccer (sorry, football) lessons for little kids. I think they're called elitefeet and they're like soccertots in mosman. The guys that run the classes are very loud and quite funny. The first time we walked past one was teaching the kids Emergency Stop, which looks hilarious but I didn't have my camera. Today I was ready for them.

The kids will be playing soccer (sort of) then the teacher calls out, "EMERGENCY STOP!" and all the kids stop and put their heads on their soccer ball. I'm not sure if it teaches them any ball skills, but is certainly good toddler crowd control and gives the parents and onlookers a laugh. It's like a bomb scare drill with Mr Gee.
Simon and I now yell, "Emergency Stop!" at each other at random moments then fall about laughing. People must think we're bonkers. And the funny thing is that we don't even have to say, "Emergency Stop!" to Jack, he just does it anyway.

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