Sunday, 18 May 2008

Our Big Outing

Yesterday we went to London. Not really that far by train but what an expedition. We bought our tickets and caught the train after we picked ourselves up off the floor. A day pass for the bargain price of $30 each. Ow!
The train trip in was okay, a little busy but not too bad. We had to change trains at St Pancras (or St Pancreas as S calls it) and that was where the fun began.
S is not a fan of crowds and having a stroller added to the adventure and it was very crowded. St Pancras/Kings Cross is a major station where the eurostar arrives and departs and all manner of other trains converge there also. All those people from all those trains (and alot of people in beanies and scarves heading for the cardiff vs portsmouth game) were all trying to get through the turnstiles and down escalators at the same time. It was packed with people. And any lifts that they did have were out of order. I could see S was just going Whoa!
We were headed to Piccadilly but got off early before we were sardined and stuck on the piccadilly line for the rest of our days. Getting off at Covent garden was probably not the best choice as there were a couple of lifts and stairs. I pointed out the lifts but there were big queues so S, carrying Jack and the stroller elected that we take the stairs. All 193 of them. Oh dear. I thought that won't be too bad, but it was a long way. Surprised that we didn't get nosebleeds really. We emerged into another crowd watching buskers in the rain. We decided to move away to somewhere less crowded but being London that's not really possible.
We walked to Trafalgar Square and saw Nelson and his column and many, many pigeons. Possibly only outnumbered by the tourists. We had a look at the National Gallery and then the National Portrait Gallery.
Fascinating but again lifts out of order so more hauling jack up and down stairs. I think my favourite artwork was done by schoolkids. They were cows made out of cardboard and inspired by a Constable painting. Very Cool. They also had a Van Gogh doll for sale with a detachable ear and a little label saying "my ear comes off. Give it to someone you love"

After lunch we walked through St James Park with many fat squirrels and swans and tourists. We went to buck palace to have tea with the queen but the old cabbage was out (now realise she was at her grandson's wedding. Our invitation must have got lost in the mail) so we walked through green park to catch the tube home. S was disappointed that there were no men with big fluffy hats at BP.

Unfortunately our day trip meant that we missed the mysterious steak slice meal. Will we never know what this british delicacy is? Well, I had a little look in the fridge at the leftovers and it kind of looked like a pie. Oh. Not exotic at all. Tonight we're having roast chicken and swedes....mmmmmm.

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