Saturday, 24 May 2008

Food glorious Food...

Following our successful culinary adventures yesterday we had more good fortune on the food front today. We were invited over to Sue's house for lunch, she's a workmate of S. For weeks we had been puzzled by all the lovely vegetables that we saw in the supermarkets but never on our plates at the manor. Apparently it has a reputation for its abundant use of potatoes, maybe it's owned by a potato farmer's lobby group.
Then suddenly before us on the table today were vegetables of a variety and number that I had forgotten existed. And some were homegrown (some very good asparagus...sigh) and homemade bread. Lovely olives and feta. I felt the risk of scurvy fade away once again. Did anyone notice that I had 3 helpings?
Jack was not at his best. He didn't sleep well last night (in case we decided to sneak off again) and was a real crosspatch. Tired and cranky and giving our lovely host a right greasy.
S was coached in the english pronunciation of yoghurt (YOGit) but he's still struggling with the lingo.
After a quick tour of the garden, where I feared for the safety of the cat and the glasshouse due to the broom in Jack's hands, we went to the park. And very swish it was too. The english take this park thing very seriously. We took some bread to feed to the ducks, but apparently they don't like Soy Linseed bread, but a great big swan did (to a Jack sized person a swan is quite scary, especially when they hiss) and then the others all wanted some too.
And another upside to our lovely meal was that we missed today's manor meal. Pork ribs with potatoes followed by strawberry mousse. Can you call them ribs if they are made from processed pig bits fashioned into the shape of ribs? And a big thanks to Amber who kindly let me photograph her meal before she ate it. Her verdict, "not their finest moment."

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