Thursday, 29 May 2008

How Jack's Day went....

Jack once again went to see his friends at little geniuses or whatever it's called. I think it has a couple of names just to keep you on your toes. I was pleased to see that Sam was working. She was the person who showed us around when we first checked out the nursery (what it's called here) and is very bubbly and nice. I got Jack settled in while S stowed the stroller and then I took the cowardly option and snuck out the door when Jack wasn't looking. I remember being horrified when Prue did that and am still not sure if it's the right way to go.
Just as we got off the train in London my mobile rang and I thought Uh oh but it was just Sam confirming that what Jack would be eating was okay by me. It's funny because the other kids there are quite small even though they are older than Jack but they get heaps to eat. Guess they haven't spent time in the lucerne paddock like Jack.
When we went back to pick up Jack I was expecting a repeat of the other day. Jack was playing very happily with a car but when he saw me his little arms went up (hugmehugmehugme) and his face crumpled. I picked him up and got some stellar cuddles and also noticed that he'd just done a huge stinky poo. Nice one. Maybe he was trying to tell me something.
He was quite happy, though tired, but when S turned up same thing. Arms out and a little cry. Sam told me that he'd been very good (I think he stuck by her all day) and gave us Jack's report. It said,
'Jack has enjoyed having lots of cuddles, listening to stories and playing in the ball pool. He has been missing his mummy and daddy a bit but has loved making new friends.'
All that hugging must have worn him out because after dinner and a small amount of flirting he went to bed and slept like, well, a baby. Here he is in his pjs. A-har me hearties.

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