Friday, 30 May 2008

A walk in the park

A change of routine today (oh dear, this Capricorn needs to lie down to recover). Okay. I read about yet another market in town. This one was held at a local church and was a growers market that specialised in cakes. There was a sign on the fence saying 'market' and 'open' but the churchyard was empty except for some gravestones and a lot of squirrels. This must be where all the village squirrels hangout and get some peace and quiet.

We took a turn around the yard (very nice it was too) and decided that the market must be in the church hall. It turned out to be in a small room at the back of the hall and was quite 'jam & Jerusalem except without dawn french setting fire to things. There were cakes (3 from memory) and some pies and pot plants and some potholders.
The ladies were awfully nice and they certainly weren't rushed off their feet. I decided to purchase a cake. There was a Windsor cake but I was unsure what that was, another cake that I have completely forgotten and a lemon and pistachio cake, which is the one I chose. The lady serving me squinted at the cake and said, "lemon and Pis...pis...pis..."
"Pistachio?"I said.
"Oh, well. Do you realise it has nuts in it?"
In spite of the nuts I purchased it and we escaped before they tried to sell us a doily.Later we went to the park where a nasty little dog ran around Jack in circles and barked at him in a most unfriendly manner.
His owner said, "Oh, he loves children. He's never done that before." This was as I was holding a wailing Jack in my arms. Small dogs freak him out.
I think it's funny that every time a dog has done something naughty (stealing a biscuit/stealing a ball/barking in a nasty manner) in the park the owners always say that. "Oh but my dog never does that." I'm sure and I'm sure their poo smells like ice cream too.
Anyway after a reassuring cuddle Jack recovered and we walked over to the playground. This took awhile as Jack likes to go in every direction but the right one. Must get that from me.

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